wooden inn

Dongawa hot spring in the sanctuary of Omine mountain
Tenkawa village appeared many times from the ancient history stage

Tenkawa Relaxing Onsen Ryokan

"Iroha Ryokan" is a hospitality hot-spring inn from a sincere heart.

A homely atmosphere and the calm aroma of the tree drifting from the traditional wooden building surely will heal your tiredness.

Yoshino's Dogawa Onsen is famous for a long time and many customers are using it as a hot spring inn at our inn, and we are loved by everyone.
In addition, there are various attractions such as Omine mountain, surface immobility cave, rock water, Longquan Temple star festival in Dorogawa besides hot springs.
Speaking of Yoshino is Yoshino Kuzu. Founder, Ryoji Onishi is convinced that "it is this water it and now more than Yoshino kudzu" to the great famous water of Dorogawa hot springs, here, Yoshino kudzu Honpo Rigendo was born.
When you are looking forward to sightseeing and delicious Kuzu in Yoshino, please come to "Onsen Ryokan Iroha" by all means.
There are rooms and hot spring with plenty of Japanese emotion
Nostalgic, with the aim of hot spring inn of hometown , we work hard employees Everyone.


Old-fashioned wooden building. Pillars and floors that have passed the era, sliding doors and sliding doors, and hot springs welcome guests warmly.
Please have a relaxing time and enjoy the atmosphere of the Dorogawa.


Fresh mountain food, seasonal taste
I will serve dishes using Masuzu Tofu, Yoshino Kuzu. Especially in the winter duckpot, lamb pot is exceptional.
We also offer healthy courses for women.
Please try it once.

Gokuraku no yu

Removes the tiredness of the day and warms you from inside the body, hot spring of paradise.
If you relax in hot water you will surely be full of vitality and energy for tomorrow.
Spring quality:Simple hot spring, alkaline simple spring
Efficacy:Arthritis, neuralgia, chronic gastrointestinal disease

User guide

Room price

1 night 2 days with meals
(1 person when using 2 people)
¥10,000円 ~ ¥15,600(tax separate)
Specific day:December 28th - January 5th:13,000円~(tax separate)
※Rates vary depending on the number of people and the season.

Do not stay

It is possible to use without staying
We accept consultation only for meals and hot spring bathing.


Capacity:About 40 people Rooms:9 rooms
check in 14:00~
check out 10:00

Reservation · Inquiries

I am receiving by phone. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


〒638-0431 248 Dorogawa Tenkawa village Yoshino gun Nara prefecture